Our advocacy workers help people to have their views heard.

Central Advocacy Partners believe that it is the persons voice that is most important.

Advocacy workers work for people with learning disabilities and only take instructions from the person they are supporting.

An advocacy worker can support a person to make decisions by helping them to get the information they need to make informed choices.

An advocacy worker will give a person time to think about the choices they want to make and help them voice these to others.


Issue based Advocacy involves working with an advocacy partner for a short period of time to support them around a specific issue.

House-link Advocacy is a means to have an advocacy presence in a residential care setting and uses partnership approach to speak out for the rights of people and involve them in how their service is delivered.

As an ever growing voluntary organisation there are many other opportunitites to support the admisitrative side of our work from becoming a member of our board of directors, support with event planning, fundraising and facilitating members groups.

What we look for in our volunteers

We seek to recruit ordinary peolpe who have a passion for working with individuals. This aims to promote inclusion and prevent vulnerable people being marginalised.

We seek open mided people who can represent the views of their advocacy partners by being a good listner and being able to communicate with others appropriately.

Having an understanding of issues relating to confidentiality and commitment to supervision are also essential.

How can advocacy help?

The aim of our project is to support people who have a learning disability to:

  • Have access to all relevant information.
  • Attend formal or informal meetings and have their views heard.
  • Understand their rights and choices at important times in their life.
  • Feel that they are participating in descisions made about their lives.
  • Work alongside all professionals involved in their lives.
  • Feel listened to, included and respected.