Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion

Central Advocacy Partners deliver their Inclusion Project across the Stirling Council area for adults with a learning disability aged 16 years and over.

We work with each individual on their personal outcomes, and we deliver a three month rolling programme of activities to meet these outcomes.

We have a different theme for each programme, so we can focus on what group members say is important to help support happy, healthy lives.

Previous themes have been ‘Staying Safe’ and ‘Keeping Healthy’. We are currently creating the next one which is ‘Building People’s Capacity’ – looking at building individual’s confidence and learning to speak up for yourself.

Activities include learning opportunities, social activities, day trips, and music events, healthy walks, cooking classes, opportunities to make new friends, and being active in the community.

Our Inclusion Project offers a fun and safe way to build confidence, meet new friends, create meaningful relationships with others, and try new things and places with fantastic peer support. 

Watch our short film about this year's activities: